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A Pathway to Wellbeing

I seek to provide a holistic healing experience through trans-personal, past life regression, and Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy that addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and wholeness.  Reiki is an integral part of my practice as is healing with sound, aromatherapy, and crystal/mineral energies.

Services Offered

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Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) by International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)

Trans-personal Hypnotherapy

Trans-personal hypnotherapy can assist in many areas of one's life including addictions, weight loss, stress reduction, pain management, phobias, healing trauma and more.  By quieting the busyness of one's mind, and accessing a deeper part of the mind/body/heart/spirit connection, clients are rendered more open and receptive to exploraton and positive suggestions, so desired changes can be made.  

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Certified as a Past Life Regression Therapist (PLRt) by Paul Aurand, MHt, Holistic Healing Center NYC, NY

Past Life Regression Therapy

A typical PLR session, which most often takes approximately 4 hours including an intake, simply involves guiding one into a deep state of relaxation and focus, so the busy analytical part of the mind, aka "the monkey mind," is not judging and interfering, but simply "watching and listening," in a highly focused manner.  This allows for one's unconscious/soul mind to emerge with its memories.  Experientially uncovering the imprints of harmful patterns of behavior, karmic relationship struggles, and the origins of fears and pain, can increase understanding and allow for a healing release and transformation to take place.

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Certified as an LBL Therapist (LBLt) by The Newton Institute

Life Between Lives Therapy®

A Life Between Lives (LBL)® hypnotherapy session is typically about 4-5 hours long and includes a past life regression as part of the process.  The Newton Institute method requires a successful past life regression experience as a prerequisite. An LBL® typically yields more in-depth information and understanding as clients experience expanded soul consciousness, and communicate with  spirit guides and other souls.  Many clients feel the Presence of and unity with Source.  This process is much deeper, and more helpful, revealing, and healing as a continuation of accessing past life memories, leading to an expanded awareness of soul "now time," and in its many applications to one's current lifetime.

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Certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher (CRMT)

by Patricia Keene

Reiki Energy Therapy Traditional Usui 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy technique which involves the transmission of Universal Life Force Energy through the practitioner's hands.  This holistically-oriented treatment can be relaxing, restorative, balancing, and can promote healing.  Reiki healing energy can be sent over any distance. Since Reiki is noninvasive and nonmanipulative, it will not interfere with other treatments and is used effectively as a complementary therapy.  Reiki is used in hypnotherapy sessions to provide additional energy to deepen the hypnotic state, to bring clarity to experiences, and to help release energetic blockages. Reiki healing sessions are also offered in person or via the internet!

A Path to Healing

"Pursue some path, however narrow or crooked, on which you can walk with love and               reverence."         


                                                                   Henry David Thoreau                                                                                      


"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length--and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly."


Carlos Castaneda



                                       "The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires."                                                


"Souls are an expression of beauty, imagination, and creativity.  The ancient Egyptians said that to begin to understand the soul, one must listen to the heart.  I think they were right."

Michael Newton, PhD, from Destiny of Souls


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